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Grow Your Business with J&D Financial's Factoring Services

As a leading factoring company, we at J&D Financial help clients and businesses of all types and sizes immediately obtain the funding they need to run and expand their business. If you feel that applying for traditional bank financing takes too much time and effort and you need to make payroll, purchase supplies, or acquire capital to take your business to new heights right away, then our financial factoring services are what you need.

No matter what the nature of your business is, whether you are selling and providing products and/or services, running a large company with hundreds of employees, or catering to the needs of other businesses, you will find our asset-based financing model truly helpful. Aside from our sterling reputation, we are known for providing flexible and reliable solutions that are highly suited for the industry and nature of our clients' businesses. If you need same-day funding, quick credit approvals, and knowledgeable, supportive, and insightful financial advice and assistance from experienced professionals, you can rely on us.

Since our founders started J&D Financial in 1972 as a simple foray into the finance industry, we have grown into a premier factoring company that handles in excess of 100 million in receivables financing requests annually, from dozens of local and international businesses from various industries.

Aside from helping our clients improve and expand their business through our financial factoring solutions, J&D Financial also offers other services not offered by typical factoring and finance companies. With over 40 years of experience as Florida's oldest factor, we offer 24-hour response for all funding requests and have a highly trained collection staff to represent you with professionalism. Moreover, we are a family-owned direct lender and provide credit and risk coverage courtesy of professional lenders.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our factoring service, or visit our blog for insightful articles and information on topics such as receivables factoring, invoice factoring, domestic factoring, trade financing, purchase order financing, and more.

Should you be interested in any of our financial factoring services, we recommend that you read our FAQ page and fill out our Quick Application form. We will review your application and provide you with an immediate recommendation. After we respond and endorse your company to be suitable for factoring, we will require specific documentation as well as require you to fill out our Comprehensive Factoring Application form before we can factor your receivables.