Factoring: The Right Response to Startup Funding

While many startups and new entrepreneurs would turn to banks to fund their new enterprises, most of them are not qualified to get bank loans. If you are one of them, factoring may be your best option. The Precarious State of Startups Recent studies show that three out of four startups fail. This failure could be […]

Find the Funds You Need to Maintain Cash Flow through Factoring

When customers owe a business a significant amount of money due to unpaid accounts receivables, the business can opt to factor or sell their invoices to a third party in order to maintain cash flow. Factoring enables companies to gain immediate access to cash—often 70 to 85 percent of the original amount of the invoice—as […]

Differentiating between Recourse and Non-recourse Factoring Services

Factoring services can be an advantageous alternative to bank loans for companies seeking to improve their cash flow. This method of financing can also benefit companies that do not want to add to their debt load. Invoice factoring is the process of selling a company’s receivables to a third party in order to collect payment […]

How Reverse Factoring and Traditional Factoring Differ

Looking at the bigger picture, reverse factoring and factoring have a common goal. This is to provide suppliers a financing solution wherein they can receive payment for services rendered at an accelerated rate. They both also involve three parties: the supplier, the ordering party, and the factor. Where they differ is in who initiates the […]

Getting the Complete Solution: Invoice Factoring vs. Invoice Discounting

<p>When you need to release business funds that are tied up in unpaid invoices, invoice factoring and invoice discounting are two options you may already be considering. Both fall under invoice finance, and are cash flow solutions you can consider when growing your business during these difficult times. The question is, which would be more […]

Choosing Between Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Financing

Business owners in need of short term financing can choose between invoice factoring and purchase order (PO) financing. Although these business financing tools have their similarities and differences, both provide helpful options that you can consider when your company’s current cash flow is not enough. Find out which one is right for you! Unlike traditional […]

Factors to Help You Decide on Factoring

Do you have a seasonal product that puts you into a cash crunch during the low season? Are you trying to advance and develop your business without adding hard capital? A factoring line of credit can give you the working capital you need to cover your raw materials, overhead expenses, salaries and wages, and even […]

Non Recourse Factoring Saved Our Client Money

One of our clients who sells apparel products to Pro Golf Shops ( Country Club based ) around the US recently had one of the club stores shut down. These things happen and the best credit research can not always weed out bad credit risks. Such is the randomness of life. Fortunately , for our […]