Open Factoring Companies: Viable Alternative Lenders

According to Morgan Stanley in a Forbes report, factoring produces $13-15 billion per annum, making it a viable and popular lending option for organizations that need immediate access to a source of working capital. This working capital could be used for a number of things that can further expand their businesses. Unfortunately, most startups and […]

Invoice Factoring as a Source of Working Capital

As the economic climate continues to fluctuate, more and more businesses – both big and small – are being forced to consider alternative forms of financing . In today’s business landscape, how can you improve your business operations without increasing your working capital? The answer lies in understanding the benefits of invoice factoring as a […]

The Truth about Merchant Cash Advances vs Factoring

Business owners often need to have access to a quick source of working capital so they can respond to unforeseen events that may affect their business either positively or negatively, such as increased demand by a key buyer or quick replacement of a needed piece of machinery. When this happens, businesses need to consider merchant […]

Learn the Basics of Invoice Factoring

One of the toughest parts of running a business is finding financing that the company needs. By understanding the basics of invoice factoring, you will be able to decide if this is the right financing solution for your business requirements. In the simplest terms, factoring is money loaned against your accounts receivable. It’s a financial […]

Invoice Factoring and Using the Time Value of Money to Your Advantage

When considering invoice factoring, managers traditionally view this option as a preventative measure that allows them to maintain overhead expenses while accounts receivables remain pending. However, with proper strategic planning, factoring can also be used to expedite the growth of your business through investments in technology, by acquiring capacity-building equipment, or by hiring more employees […]

Financing for SMBs: Invoice Factoring and How It Helps

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have their work cut out for them if they need to have immediate access to cash. The problem is, financing for SMBs could be tricky as most banks would think twice about lending money to businesses that aren’t established. Since most banks require businesses to have sizeable assets, steady income, […]

Is Factoring a Good Option?

Are you ready to lead your business to new heights? You can improve both your bottom line and top line through factoring, a business tool that has helped countless small- to-medium enterprises achieve greater success! Factoring allows you to sell your receivable accounts to us, giving you immediate access to the cash your business needs. […]

The Better Choice: Merchant Cash Advances vs. Invoice Factoring

Time is of the essence when businesses are hard pressed for cash as it could mean the difference between staying afloat and folding altogether. When this happens, businesses turn to invoice factoring and merchant cash advances as these two forms of financial assistance are released in a speedy manner. How do they work? Merchant Cash […]

How International Factoring can be Beneficial for Exporters

International factoring allows exporters to sell their receivables to a reliable factor that then collects payment from the foreign buyer. The exporter can then receive funding after they ship their goods. This type of factoring is fast becoming the preferred method of transacting payment in the international trade scene. There are a number of ways […]

Basics of International Factoring and Its Impact on International Trade

With trade between and among different countries being as prominent as it is today, many exporters are looking to international factoring to help ease their financial burdens and ensure timely service. What is it? Factoring in an international scale is specifically tailored to suit export sellers with notable advantages for small to medium-sized companies. As […]