Government Factoring and FACA Procedures

Government Factoring and the Federal Government Assignment of Claims Act (FACA) Factoring and all its financial advantages aren’t limited to B2B and B2C transactions as it may also apply to government receivables. However, as beneficial as government factoring is, the paperwork needed to facilitate this type of factoring does not come without its own set […]

Account Receivable Financing: Maintain VIP Customers’ Credit Line

Account Receivable Financing Account receivable financing provides you with the much-needed funds to fill the gaps in your cash flow. Contact J&D Financial at 1.305.893.0300 to check your financing eligibility. Customers are the lifeline of any business, which is why building and maintaining good relations with them is critical. Over time, businesses grow their client […]

Invoice Financing: Get Immediate Cash

Invoice Financing vs. Informal Loans Cash is the lifeblood of a well-run business. A lack of liquidity or inadequate cash management brings with it a lot of troubles, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Payroll, rent, inventory, taxes—all these things require funding. When the cash flow stops, would you turn to invoice financing or […]

Invoice Factoring vs. Spot Factoring

Just as people need constant cash flow in order to maintain their household budgets, business owners need cash flow in order to stay on top of their regular expenses. In the same way, sometimes homeowners run into emergency situations where they need money right away; you as a business owner may experience these situations as […]

Invoice Factoring is on the Rise

When small business owners need loans, the banks used to be a reliable resort in years past. However, with banks tightening the rope with regard to their lending requirements, businesses that need immediate cash the most may not be able to get the money they need; this leaves them feeling as though they are hanging […]

How to Finance Your Construction Company

When you own your own construction company, your biggest business plans can come crashing down if you are not able to keep up with your ongoing expenses due to delays in commercial client and general contractor payments. If you are like most construction company owners, you simply cannot wait eight weeks to get paid. Unfortunately, […]

Dealing with Slow Paying Customers: Tips

Although owning your own business can be exciting, one of your greatest frustrations may be getting clients to pay on time. In particular, corporate clients who purchase your services or goods may demand that you provide them with the option of having 60 days to pay their invoices. This can put your business in a […]

Advantages of Factoring

Once you have provided a service or product, it is only reasonable that you get paid. The problem is that if you have large clients, you may not see your payment for a month or two months. Unfortunately, just because your payments do not arrive in a timely fashion does not mean your bills will […]

Alternative Sources to Cash Flow for Immediate Funding

Alternative Sources to Keep Your Cash Flow Alive The numerous benefits invoice factoring brings make it one of the most viable alternative sources to cash flow compared to traditional financing options. Traditional external sources of funding such as short-term loans, as well as internal sources like your own personal savings, may not necessarily be the […]

Misconceptions on Factoring vs. Private Equity

Businesses often have a misguided view on the pros and cons between factoring vs. private equity. One of the most common misconceptions about factoring is that it’s too expensive or risky, while private equity is largely considered to be a safer way of expanding business and boosting shareholder value. Whether funds are needed to pay […]